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November 09, 2018

Camps Bay beach is one of Cape Towns most popular attractions. The dramatic mountain peaks, upmarket restaurants, astounding beaches and property draws local and international tourist in large numbers every year.

Camps Bay is rated as one of best South African suburbs for investment. Property in Camps Bay escalates yearly and investors are buying with the goal to increase revenue.

Hotels and guest houses in the area have spectacular panoramic views of Lions Head, Table Mountain and a range of mountain peaks called the 12 Apostles.

Camps Bays upmarket restaurants on the beach front offer a variety of cuisine.

Camps Bay in history

Camps Bay was home to the native Khoi tribe of Cape Town. By the time the Dutch arrived in the mid 1600's wild animals like game, lions and cheetah roamed the mountains. By the early 18th century the land was used as a hunting ground by Sir Lord Charles Somerset.

In 1848 Thomas Bain was instructed to build a road leading from Sea Point to Camps Bay. The road was named Victoria road in honor of Queen Victoria and has only seen growth ever since.

By the mid nineteenth century the apartheid regime declared Camps Bay area a white only zone. The beaches had signs on it reading "Geen Blanker nie", meaning whites only.

Camps Bay High school was a private whites only school with a higher standard of education in comparison to non-white schools. Non whites were not allowed to attend the school and black people needed to carry an identity document referred to as a "Dom Pass" meaning stupid pass in English.

Camps Bay Restaurants

The restaurants along the beach front are popular among food lovers. The various restaurants offer seafood, game, white meat and vegetarian dishes. While you're there, dont forget to stop and the ice cream parlour for your pick of mouthwatering ice cream and milk shake.

Codfather Seafood and Sushi
The Hussar Grill-Steak House
Zenzero-Italian Seafood
Ocean Blue restaurant
Camps Bay Beach
Camps Bay beach is the preferred beach among locals and tourist. It's a lovely beach for family and friends. Camps Bay is surrounded by blue waters and pure white sand. Amazing views and pictures can be taken from this spot.

Glen Beach

Glen Beach is the beach next to Camps Bay beach. The lovely secluded beach is more popular for surfers and pet walking. The location takes a good picture of Maidens Cove, Lions head and Table Mountain.

Clifton Beach

Clifton beach is known as a trendy beach in Cape Town among the locals. Its white-sand beaches and sparkling water on 4th beach attracts fashionable trends mainly the young. Clifton is divided by boulders into 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th beach. Each beach attracts a different crowd. The upmarket suburb of Clifton is one of the most outstanding settings alongside the backdrop of Table Mountain.


Bakoven is a little suburb on the corner edge of Camps Bay. Bakoven is a quite spot between giant boulders. Although the beach is small, what makes it amazing are the boulders surrounding the water, which keeps the wind away. If you don't want to be disturbed, this is the beach for you, less people and spot on images.

Mountains around Camps Bay

12 Apostle Mountains

To the south of the main plateau is a lower mountain range which heads in a South direction and is often referred to as the back of Table Mountain. These mountain peaks are called the 12 Apostles mountain peaks. The mountain peaks are situated between Camps Bay and Llindudno beaches. The Cape Floral Kingdom blossoms beautifully on the Mountain slopes and varies in color.

Table Mountain

The Table Mountain is clearly seen from Victoria road. Table Mountain is the most popular mountain visited with more than

26 million visitors moving up and down the Cable way. Table Mountain is the perfect mountain for seeing Camps Bay and its surrounding areas from a birds eye view.

Lions Head

The most astonishing pictures are taken of Camps Bay from Lions Head Mountain peak. Lions Head is known for its strenuous hiking trail which takes just over an hour to complete. The Mountain peak was named by the Dutch in the olden days. Many locals and international jet setters are drawn to the Mountain for its hiking experience and views.

Camps Bay Events

Camps Bay beach has seen an increase in recent years for weddings, conferences and events. The theatres run throughout most of the year.

Things to do in and around Camps Bay:

Visit Camps Bay beach
Visit the theatre in Camps Bay and its museum
Swim at the tidal pool
Kids play area
Clifton 4th beach
Glen Beach
Surf or sea kayaking
Hiking trails
Walk from Camps Bay to Sea Point
Eat at the restaurants
St Eve's night club

Maidens Cove BBQ (Braai spot)

The busiest time to visit Camps Bay is during summer months Nov-Feb. If you want to avoid the crowds visit Camps Bay between Feb-May.

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