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November 29, 2018

Our Coast line varies from rugged cliffs, hills and mountains to smooth stretches of sandy beaches. Cape Town is known for its two currents, the Cold Benguela current which forms part of the Atlantic Ocean and the warm Mozambique which forms part of the Indian Ocean. These currents strongly influence both the countries climate and its coastal conditions.

Our Coast was previously referred to as the Cape of Storms. Due to the mountainous seas and strong wind storms, many ships have wrecked against rugged cliffs and huge builders off the coast. This is why South Africa's coast line is one of the most dangerous in the world.

Cold Benguela current

The Cold Benguela current is a slow and cool current. This current brings cold waters to the Cape Peninsula. These waters are rich in plankton which attracts lots of fish.

The warm Mozambique current

The warm Mozambique current is regarded as more swift and warm. This current occasionally creates huge waves, which can reach the height of five story buildings. These waves have caused tremendous damage to ships and may explain the mysterious disappearance of ships off the ocean.


South Africa's coastline is one of the most bountiful fishing oceans in the world. The sea weed is shelter for rock lobster and Perlemon, an international delicacy. The diverse shallow water ocean fish further attracts the Cape Fur seal and several species of bird life which adds to the natural eco-system.

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