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Category » Cape Towns Attractions Flora and Fauna of Cape Town

November 10, 2018

What is Fynbos?

Fynbos is classified as being synonymous with the Cape Floral Kingdom.

The word Biome means the fynbos is divided into two groups (Fynbos and Renosterveld) within the region.

The word kingdom refers to the geographical area and included other vegetation types. Because fynbos is so overwhelming and popular the entire area is referred to as fynbos.

The Cape Floral Kingdom forms part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site also the first in Africa. The Cape Floral Kingdom is the smallest but the richest floral Kingdom in the world. The plant species totals approximately 8700 species of plant and is characterized by its richness.

There are three types of fynbos, Rock type fynbos: Peninsula Granite fynbos, Peninsula Sandstone fynbos and Cape Winelands Shale fynbos.

Fynbos is characterized by Proteas, Erica's and Heath like shapes.

What is Fauna

Fauna is is a reference for all animal life. Another word for Fauna and all other forms of life, including fungi are known as Biota.

Fauna could as well be used to refer to all different types or a collection of animals found in a specific place. The name Fauna comes from Greek name, which was known as a Roman Goddest of Earth.

What is Flora ?

Flora is the plant life occurring in a region or time. Flora is naturally occurring on indigenous plant life.

Flora could also be used to reffer bacteria and Fungi. The word Flora is a Latin name for Goddess of plant and flowers.

Plant life are grouped into floras.

There are various types of groups and e.g. could mean plants and flowers of an historic era. Flora is classified in many deferent ways. Native Flora this was referred to as indigenous plant species of an era. Garden Flora, this is grown by humans. Invasive Flora, this is usually weeds which are unwanted and may damage or affect the other flowers.

What are Ecosystems

Eco systems simply means ecological systems.

A definition of ecosystems means living things such as plant and animals in a certain area. Ecosystems also interacts with each other and non-living environments e.g. weather, earth, sun, soil, climate and atmosphere.

To keep the ecosystem going and alive they rely on the five basic things water, sunlight, air, temperature and food. An Ecosystemscould become disastrous if the temperature rises in a specific area. Ecosystems works on energy movement and recycling of carbon and nitrogen.

What is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity is referred to as a variety of living organisms in all eco systems on earth.

Biodiversity refers to the genetic differences between them an ecosystems in which they occur.

Biodiversity is the earth's natural wealth which provide us with our foods. Biodiversity is the foundation of all ecosystems which links to human well-being. Plants, animals and microbes unit the atmosphere which is classified as biosphere. Atmosphere, Geosphere and hydrosphere is responsible for our environmental systems.

Millions of species from animals to humans has thrived from this process. Environmental systems is also responsible for breathable air, portable water, fertile soils, productive lands and seas.

What is Alien Vegetation

Alien vegetation means invasive plant species brought to South Africa from other countries which has harmful effect on others plant species and humans.

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