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November 29, 2018

Hout Bay

The word Hout Bay is derived from the Dutch word which interprets “Wood Bay” in the English Language.
Hout Bay is one of the more popular areas of the Cape.

Experience the best fish and chips at the famous fishing village.

Hout Bay is popular for:

The Hout Bay Habour attracts the attention of many local and international tourist.
Make a day of the Hout Bay area and spend some time with the family.
The activities to do caters for adults and kids. Hout Bay is approximately 45mins drive from the city.
Take a tour with our local tour companies, grab a cab or use the hop on hop bus.

Spend the day with our local fishermen at Hout Bay. Hout Bay is popular for its Yellowfin Tuna, Longfin Tuna and its yellow tail fish.
The Habour is most popular for its boat rides where one could take a 1 hour boat ride that takes you to Duiker Island to see 100’s of seals at a close range.

Hout Bay restaurants and eateries are frequently visited by captonians.
The popular Hake and chips parcel/snoek and chips parcel is real quality at affordable prices for locals as well as tourist.
Hout Bay is also well known for its arts and crafts, diamonds, art galleries live entertainment and bed and breakfast.

Spend some time at Clay Café and test your art skills. This is a lovely place for kids as well as adults to relax your mind.
At Clay Café paint a mug or bowl as a souvenir and be creative and different with your style.

Take a township tour and experience the true culture of South Africa.
Visit Mandela Park situated in Hout Bay and experience Cape Town culture. The tour approximately takes 2 hours.
The World of Birds is a must visit if you are in the area. Hout Bay hosts the largest bird park in Africa, which is home to over 3000 bird species and animals.
Join the locals for some surfing that overlooks the beautiful picturesque Sentigal Mountains. Hout Bay also hosts the Red Bull Surfing Challenge event that takes in October.

Chapmanspeak Mountain is visible from the Hout Bay area. Chapmanspeak has a 114 curves in total. The Mountain has of the most beautiful panoramic views along the drive.

Personal Experiences: I spent the day out with my family one day and noticed a few seals washed up on shore If you ever reach the habour of Hout Bay please do not forget to tip the locals that train wild seals or the cleaners as they tend to put up a racket At the African art informal stalls my friend bought a gift at one shop and I bought the same gift further up and we paid a vast difference in price as I negotiated and he didn’t. I believe a buddy of mine witnessed a Cape Cobra on the beach and the Cape Cobra managed to escape from the people swimming into the ocean. The video is on YouTube!

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